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Handwriting is one aspect of education which has been long neglected due to lack of concrete methods. Attention to this can benefit many, because it is the basic tool while taking notes in the classroom or meetings, tests, doing class-work or homework.

Poor handwritings may have a pervasive effect on the overall performance. Moreover, laboured handwriting creates a drain on mental resources needed for higher-level aspects of writing, such as attention to content, elaboration of details and organisation of ideas.

As a nation, we place great emphasis on the importance of reading and writing. Yet, when it comes to literacy, handwriting often is left out of the conversation. Researchers have highlighted the relationship between handwriting and composition skills. They are supporting what elementary educators see on a daily basis: good handwriting habits foster student success. Children need explicit instruction to achieve legible and fluent handwriting.

It is often believed that handwriting can be improved only in children. We at Fun2Learn took this up as a challenge, and developed Write-it-Rite, the handwriting program in supplementary children education, which is conducted under the expert guidance of Mrs. Rachna Bhimrajka, and now through this course we can correct the handwriting at any age, with 100% guarantee of improvement in readability.

Fun2Learn draws from years of innovation and research to provide developmentally appropriate, multisensory and follows research that demonstrate children learn more effectively with joy. We have figured out easier, happier ways for children to master handwriting.
Fun2Learn is dedicated to developing excellent materials for children and training for teachers. As a result, many students have successfully used our program. The result truly is handwriting without pain and homework.

Fun2Learn cursive program teaches a clean, vertical style of cursive that is easy to learn, easy to read, and easy to write. Lessons include engaging and memorable activities for cursive mastery, and strategies for identifying and remediating the students writing and keeping them on track to cursive success.
This program fits easily into your daily routine in just 10 days, 1 hour a day.

“Calligraphy” is an assemblage of artists of the written word. Those who see, admire the hands which turn mere objects after they are studded with calligraphy writings and letters in designs and styles of letters, which are fascinating and attractive. In short – “a feast to the eyes of the on-lookers”. Any communication laced with Calligraphic writings gives it a fantastic and amazing appearance.

Handwriting Improvement, Speed writing and Calligraphy are separate branches of writing with different techniques.

Handwriting Improvement
Cursive style (Seniors)

Handwriting Improvement

Handwriting Improvement

Basic Calligraphy

Advanced Calligraphy