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Parental involvement plays a crucial role in a child’s education process. It is globally known that parental involvement encourages and motivates children to perform better in all areas.

Research scholars and teachers both agree that children who do exceedingly well at school, are the ones with strong parental support and guidance.
Further research suggests that parental involvement in education enables children to take an active interest in studies, get better results, and improve conduct.

In today’s world, parents are not able to get involved in their child’s education due to their hectic schedules.

If children face difficulties in coping with certain subjects, their parents are quick to hire private tutors or enroll them into coaching classes. But, poor handwriting does not get the due attention.

A simple question, how can a child improve handwriting without being shown how to improve it? And who will show these children the right way to improve their handwriting?
Writerite India is a premier institute for handwriting technology, which answers this question “How?” by showing direction through its scientific methods.

Listed below are few benefits of good handwriting.
An improved Handwriting ensures that your wards
1. Get better scores in exams.
2. Have self recognition and self satisfaction.
3. Gain confidence level.
4. Add value in their Personality.
5. Increase creative skills.


Q1. In the era of computers what is the need of handwriting program ?
Ans. Student’s prime concern is pen and paper since it is the basis of primary education. Writing is the language of hand which a student learns in his initial years and continues life long. So the use of handwriting program for a student holds great importance.As a matter of fact, when we write on paper we are also inscribing the same unconsciously in our mind, because no one can write without actually repeating the spells in his mind.Writing strengthens your understanding about a language and actually helps in speaking and expressing yourself better. Once the handwriting is improved the mind and motor co-ordination becomes automated and the children are liberated to use creativity and intelligence without being concerned with the motor

Q2. Even after 7 years my child has not been able to correct his handwriting, how will you correct it in 10 days ?
Ans.For years together your child has been told to write neatly, clearly, nicely, beautifully or else he has been scolded with comments like, “Worst handwriting, very bad, what you have written? Etc”, but no one ever told him how to write? We after identifying the flaws in his handwriting work on them & tell him how to write. Individual attention is given by the trainer; various techniques are used. We ensure to register the corrections permanently in the child’s brain. We have over 50 centers and we have successfully repaired the handwriting of hundreds of such students.

Q3. Will the improvements be long-lasting ?
Ans. Yes it is long lasting only if the instructions are followed. If they are not followed as instructed the handwriting will deviate.

Q4. My child has a good handwriting, but poor speed, he often looses grades due to incomplete answers during exams, can you help him ?
Ans.Since at our Writerite Institute, our endeavor is to repair only identified flaws in a person’s handwriting. We have specialized speed writing program & are of the view that speed is also a kind of flaw which can be corrected without altering the handwriting type. It is basically establishing the mind & motor coordination, that is to say matching speed without affecting the quality of handwriting.

Q5. My son is left handed and he looks very awkward and uncomfortable when he tries to write. His writing is pretty illegible as well. Is there anything that I can do to make writing easier for him to master ?
Ans.Absolutely! Writing from left to right, as we do in English, allows a right handed person to look at his writing as it progresses. A “lefty”, however, has difficulty visually monitoring handwriting since his hand covers his writing. Because of this, “Lefties” can develop some bad habits. We at Writerite train for improving their flaws individually.

Q6. My child′s interest in writing is very poor; I doubt he will attend the training for 10 days ?
Ans.A child with a poor handwriting always avoids writing because he is never appreciated. We at Writerite always focus on appreciating the child for his smallest development. These ultimately become the motivating factors for the child, he starts to enjoy writing, and this is the point when he does not want to avoid the training classes. Moreover we also use techniques that the child enjoys.

Q7. How is your program different from cursive writing ? Ans.It is not at all cursive writing! We repair identified flaws in a particular handwriting, unlike in cursive writing where one is asked to virtually copy what is written in the work book. It is an individualized training based on scientific techniques based on meditation.

Q8. How do you increase speed ? Ans.We have various techniques that we adapt while training for speed, for example, mind and motor synchronization, increasing writing speed with specialized techniques, etc.

Q9. What are the parameters of improvement ?
Ans. The quality of any handwriting is basically its level of readability. Our endeavor is to ensure correct font formation without change in the basics of his handwriting.