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Rachna A Bhimrajka Founded Fun2Learn in 2012.
‘Fun2Learn’, a Company dedicated to delivering quality learning through the fun-way method to children in India. Fun2Learn is the foremost destination, family-friendly activity centre across Mumbai.

Created in 2012, Fun2Learn was designed to be a helpful and friendly resource for parents in search of safe and reliable activity centre for their children. The creators of this company are parents themselves and understand first hand just how difficult, time consuming and expensive searching for the right acceptable activity can be.

Fun2Learn aims to make this process the exact opposite – quick, convenient and affordable.


Fun2learn is synonymous with our desire to succeed & achieve our dreams come what may welcome ! you’ve found the most comprehensive activity centre in Mumbai.

Selecting the right activity centre for your children is one of the most important decisions we make as parents. It’s important to choose a centre which children love to go and where safety is of the utmost concern.

Imagination provides ability different than knowledge – it helps children grow into adults who are problem solvers, creative thinkers and innovators, who are always more successful than those with less imagination. It inculcates and develops life skills, boosts intellect, self- confidence and even helps work out their fears.

Activities bring pleasure to children anywhere in the world. They are defined as almost anything a person likes to do in their spare time. Some kids like to spend their free time swimming, or playing some type of sports. Others have special talents like singing that they like to try and cultivate.

Activities can be a wonderful pastime that keeps children entertained for hours and hours. As long as they can draw, color, paint or drag out a box of aero- modelling from under the bed, children never have to worry about bring bored. The range of activities taught at the centre includes handwriting improvement, speed writing, calligraphy creative and hobby ideas, dance (free style , Bollywood, salsa, b-boying etc.) music (classical and western), phonics, acting classes , fun cooking for children, , spoken English for housewives and working professionals, , computers (basic, tally, c+, web designing, etc.) personality development, and much more…………..

Fun2learn is also a one stop destination, wherein we provide total sports management services (curriculum, coaches etc.) essentially for educational institutions and helps them to run the school sports to excellence. Fun2learn is committed to providing quality education based school camping programs that are enjoyable for students and hassle free for the teachers. Our them provides a chance to the students to enhance their hidden potential. The programs are aimed at boosting student’s self- Confidence , self belief and preparing them to meet challenges through a varied curriculum of fun, games and activities. We have provided these types of program over the years for school groups and other organizations. With a wealth of experience fun2learn can offer you and your team a service that suits your needs and helps build your team for the future .
No matter what the setting may be, or the age of the audience, our programs are always educational and entertaining.